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Q: Why do I have to do a survey?
A: In short we decided to earn money via ads instead of outright charging $30+ per client.

Q: How come when I click on a survey it doesn't work?
A: You need to disable adblock, if the survey you pick requires a download don't do it, just select another survey.

Q: When will you support X Game?
A: We script the games we play, if you have a request its unlikely we will fulfill it unless one of our developers actually plays that game.

Q: Will I get banned?
A: All of our scripts we promote on our website are ones we are willing to use ourselves, however we cannot 100% gurantee your account safety, it all depends on how you use our scripts. If you're suttle and don't go around flying and 360 insta killing players you will be fine. Most games work via reports, if you don't get mass reported it is extremely rare to get banned. We inject our scripts differently so that it is impossible for the game to auto detect you, however we cannot help you if you're caught flying in a public lobby and they have a VAC type system which records gameplay for people to review. Be smart.

Q: Virus?
A: At the end of the day if you're running avast or malwarebytes its almost impossible to get a virus, upon downloading our .exe you can easily scan it with any good antivirus to see that it is safe. Unlike other scripting/hacking sites we go out of our way to ensure that our scripts don't require admin permission and make sure they do not trigger a false flag catch with any good up to date antivirus system. Because of the fact our scripts DO NOT require special admin permissions the risk is very low regardless. Our business model is to create free to use and undetectable scripts for all to enjoy.